Sardinia Symposium 2021


Sardinia Symposium is a biennal event organized by the International Waste Working Group (IWWG), with the scientific support of the University of Padova, Tongji, Fukoka and the Technical Universities of Luleå and Hamburg.

Sardinia Symposium is the most important solid waste management conference in the world and we're pleased to be invited as lab experts. LabAnalysis and ChemService will give to every participant the opportunity to apply the theoretical notions learnt during the oral sessions of the Symposium.

Our Active Lab, on the 13th of October from 15:00, will be focused on:

Direct test methods for the classification of hazardous properties of wastes in the EU legislation

Alice Cattaneo, our GLP in vitro Toxicology Study Director from ChemService, and Giovanni Beggio, from University of Padova, will lead the experiments.

We will talk about what an ecotoxicological test is and how to dossolute wastes in water. We will also explore the different stages of a toxicity test and how dermal irritation happens.

Aquatic ecotoxicity

  1. What an ecotoxicological test is
  2. Preparation of test solutions (dissolution of wastes in water)
  3. Fish acute toxicity test: selection of fish, fish exposure, toxicity determination
  4. Daphnia magna acute toxicity test: description of Daphnia magna, Daphnia exposure, toxicity determination
  5. Algal growth inhibition test: algae characteristics, algal exposure and growth, determination of growth inhibition
  6. Daphnia magna reproduction test: description of the test, determination of reproduction and inhibition evaluation

In vitro toxicology

  1. What an in vitro test is
  2. Dermal irritation and dermal corrosion: description of tissues, exposure and determination of toxicity

Can't wait to see you there.
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  • Start 13 Ottobre 2021, 15:00
  • End 13 Ottobre 2021, 18:30
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